Hackable& Upgradable

Aluminium Extrusion Body

3 x axis modules (IKO linear bearings)

1 x electronic module

1 x print bed module

1 x print head module

The Printer With The Highest Value

Priced at $299, super low cost per print volume at $0.05/cm3

Hackable and Upgradable

Cetus extrusion body accept standard T nuts.
You can add components, drill holes and etc, modding is as easy as you can see.
The extra 5V output on the print head allows user to add extra electronics.
We will also develop upgrades for the machine,
such as new print head designs for special materials, enclosure, print bed heater and etc.

Hidden Belt

Safe | Stable | Elegant | Quiet

Open Materials

The printing temperature and speeds are adjustable in software

Apart from officially supported PLA

User could also experiment with all kinds of exotic materials on the market.

Better Nozzles

Nozzle module of Cetus are made with peek, it is used as a heat insulator as well as a nozzle protector to prevent plastics sticking onto the nozzle,
which increase nozzle longevity and reduce bad fumes. Cetus using its 0.2mm HD nozzle can give much more details than most other FDM printers on the market. The 0.6mm nozzle gives speedy and stronger prints

NO Calibration Needed for Users

The machine is calibrated before leaving the factory.

User can start printing right of the box.

However if you really need to re-calibrate the machine,

the printer can be leveled by a unique mechanical alignment method which consist three simple steps.

Smart Support Technology

automatically generated, easy to remove and fine-tunable

Novel Build Surface

A special print bed surface coating for PLA printing.

The surface is sticky to PLA and exempt the need for accurate nozzle height measurement.

but the removal of printed object is surprisingly easy and clean.

Easy To Remove
Sticky to PLA & Other Materials
Tolerant to Nozzle Height Error

Cetus is Wireless and On The Cloud

You can control and send print job to Cetus without physically going to the machine. 
Through App users can receive notifications from printer through the Cetus mobile app,
keep you informed about the printer’s status and printing progress anywhere, anytime.