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The upgraded UP! comes
Wednesday, 02 November 2011 18:19


We are now releasing the upgraded UP! 3d printer which has high performance optimization, there are following upgrades.


1. Main board updates, it has high performance optimization.



2. CPU board is upgraded.


3. It adds an initialize switch in the front of the printer. Pressing down the switch for a second, the printer can be initialized. Pressing down the switch for more than three seconds, the printer stops all and will be in a dormant state.


4. It upgrades an LED light. The LED light can show you the working status of the printer.


5. It adds one power on/off switch at the back of the printer.


6. The filament feeder is improved, it can be provided electricity by the new motherboard through a connection cable.


7. It adds a cover for the extruder head, the cover can protect you from getting burned when the printer is working. The material spool holder is also improved. They are both printed by the UP! 3d printer, you can print them by yourselves. The STL files can be found at: C:\Program Files\UP\Example\UP Spare Part.


8. Upgrading the platform and related parts, allows much more freedom and precision in leveling the platform, and can also help reduce the warping problem.

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